Strawberries & Cream

This was not your ordinary gum.  One single, pink lump in a white wrapper, adorned with a strawberry, twisted on the ends like a Tootsie Roll.  This gum was far too grand to live in a pack with others like lowly Trident.  Strawberries and Cream- some fancy stuff given out at school I believe.  I unwrapped it, popped it in my mouth, and set off on my bike to play with a friend. 

Sailing down the street, I chomped away.  Flavor flooded my mouth, tart strawberry softened by a round, sweet milkiness.  My jaw tickled, ached almost. It was the epitome of strawberries and cream. The Cadillac of gum.  Truly scrumptious. 

A girl and her bike, a sunny day, freedom, and one little piece of chewy magic.  I smiled wide, then pushed my tongue forward to blow a bubble. Lips pursed, I rounded the corner on to Falcon Road, just as the wind swept that sweet sphere right out of my mouth. 

I jammed on my breaks and found it, bubble intact, resting on the grass by the sidewalk.  For a whole minute, I stared at it, that perfect piece of gum just stuck there, contemplating whether or not I should pick it up and shove it back in my mouth.  After all, this was not your ordinary gum.  Sighing heavily, I swung my leg up over the bike seat and pedaled away. 

5 thoughts on “Strawberries & Cream

  1. Oh my! This is one sweet mentor text of a small moment. I could taste the sweetness of the strawberry and the milkiness of the cream as I chewed right alongside of you. What a delight to read!


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